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All About Feeding,Nutrition & Development for babies, toddlers and young children -- Unlocking the Secrets for Optimal Development , Dr.Levy's Guide
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March , : Baby and Toddler Feeding and Nutritional Health has WON the PTPA Media Inc's Seal of Approval / Media Award for excellence in family products! The PTPA Media Winner Seal are all "Parent Tested, Parent Approved"

Dr Levy's book was among many entries from across North America competing to win the PTPA Media Seal of Approval for the Spring campaign


Currently,there are no books available that provide detailed information solely on feeding and nutrition for babies,toddlers and young children Parents raise many questions and concerns regarding their child's feeding and nutrition,however many times,these go unanswered due to the limited amount of time or knowledge of health professionals Unfortunately,feeding and nutrition for young babies and children is not well taught in medical schools,so often times,health professionals bear much of the parents' guessing as well
The common difficulties parents face  in trying to find practical information about feeding and nutrition have inspired me to write a PRACTICAL book for parents; one that provides all the answers to daily parental concerns and provide one's baby with THE BEST START TO LIFE! It is important for parents to be educated about their child's feeding and nutrition since the responsibility is on them as the child's primary caregiver

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This book covers feeding and nutritional aspects right from birth until the school-aged child It begins with issues and solutions associated with breast and/or bottle feeding (eg which to choose,how to breast or bottle feed properly and how much,feeding by schedule or on-demand,which bottle,nipples and formulas to use,etc),weaning and how to overcome bottle rejection Many parents have many concerns regarding solid food introduction (when and what to introduce,how much,etc),homemade versus store-bought prepared foods,specific food refusals,picky eaters,and much more In addition,food allergies are discussed with respect to management and replacement options to prevent nutritional deficiencies
Chapters on growth characteristics and charts are included along with failure to thrive and obesity sections to help your child develop optimally Recommended portion sizes and activity levels appropriate for specific ages along with various fun sample menus and recipes are included for easing food acceptance
Other topics include stool characteristics and its significance,constipation,crying and gastroesophageal reflux and its relation to feeding,along with mineral/vitamin deficiencies,vegetarians,oral health,water,pacifier and thumb sucking,hiccups,burping,and much,much more are included in this practical guide for parents

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Section :
Introduction to Breastfeeding
The Decision to Breastfeed
Difficulties & Success with Breastfeeding
How Long to Breastfeed
Parent Concerns
Resources for Help & Information

Breast Milk & Its Benefits

Breast Milk
Breast Milk Benefits for the Baby
Breast Milk Benefits for the Mother
Benefits to Society & the Environment

Latching & Positioning

Establishing a Successful Beginning
Positioning Mother & Baby
Nursing Positions
Presenting the Breast
Supporting Your Breast
Parent Concerns
Methods of Supplementation

Breastfeeding Problems & Solutions

Red Flags
Sore & Cracked Nipples
Parent Concerns
Breast Engorgement
Normal Engorgement
Abnormal Engorgement
Treatment for Severe Engorgement
Engorgement When Choosing Not to Breastfeed
Parent Concerns
Possible Trigger Factors
Complications of Mastitis
Parent Concerns
Flat or Inverted Nipples
Identification & Types of Nipples
Flat Nipples
Inverted Nipples
Improving the Feeding Process
Extra Tips on Pumps & Flat or Inverted Nipples
Comments on the Use of Breast Shells & Nipple Shields
Breast Milk Leakage: How to Cope
Tools for Coping
Parent Concerns
Overabundant Milk Supply
Symptoms: Mother & Baby of Overabundant Milk Supply
Coping with Overabundant Milk Supply
Parent Concerns
Insufficient (Low) Milk Supply
False Alarms of Low Milk Supply
(Perceived Lack of Supply)
Causes of True Low Milk Supply
Increasing Milk Supply
How To Know: Is My Baby Getting Enough Milk?
Parent Concerns
Breastfeeding in Public
How to Breastfeed in Public
Breast Preference
How to Overcome Breast Preference
Nursing Strike
Baby's Behavior During the Strike
Nursing Strikes & Decreased Milk Supply
What To Do
Parent Concerns
Biting the Breast
How to Stop Breast Biting
Tongue Tie & Breastfeeding
Symptoms of Tongue Tie
Treatment of Tongue Tie
Parent Concerns
Breastfeeding & Jaundice
Causes & Types of Jaundice
Parent Concerns
Breastfeeding & Drugs
Drugs Considered Safe
Drugs and Possible Effects on the Baby or Breast Milk
Considerations Before Taking a Drug
Increasing Baby Safety
Further Aspects to Consider
Recreational Drugs
Maternal Diet & Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding Mothers that Require Special Attention
Maternal Diet & Effects on Baby
Parent Concerns & Tips
Breastfeeding & Returning to Work
Suggestions for Breastfeeding & Working
What To Do At the Workplace
Feeding at Home & the Caretaker
Parent Concerns
Expressing Breast Milk
When & Why
Expressing Milk Manually
Storing Expressed Milk
Warming & Administering Expressed Milk
Nighttime Feedings
Environment & Sharing Sleep
Feeding & Sleeping At Night
Parent Concerns
How to Awaken a Sleepy Baby
Causes of Sleepy Babies
How to Awaken Your Baby
Issues & Perceptions with Breast and Bottle Feeding
Maternal Concerns About Breastfeeding
A Father's Role
Doctor's Views & Comments

Section :

Infant Formulas: Which to Use & How to Choose
Nutritional Contents of Formula
Types of Formulas
Specialized Formulas
Choosing a Formula: What You Need to Know
Parent Concerns
Formula Examples & Tables
Equipment Used for Formula Preparation & Sterilization
Sterilization of Equipment
Parent Concerns
Formulas & Preparation
Powder Formulas
Ready-to-Feed Formulas
Liquid Concentrate Formulas
Notes on Water in Formula Preparation
Parent Concerns
Case Description
Warming the Bottle
How to Warm
Microwave Use & Risks
Parent Concerns
Techniques of Bottle-feeding & Related Concerns
Techniques of Bottle-feeding
Babies with Special Needs
Discontinuing the Bottle
Parent Concerns & Tips
Feeding By Schedule or On Demand:

Amount & Frequency
Clues Your Baby Is Ready to Feed
Feeding By Schedule or On Demand
Feeding Amount & Frequency
Parent Concerns & Tips

Section :

Breast & Bottle-feeding:
Combination & Weaning
Combining Breast & Bottle-feeding
Reasons to Combine Breast & Bottle
When to Start
How to Enhance Bottle Acceptance for Successful
Combination Feeding
Parent Concerns
The Right Time to Wean
Types of Weaning and How to Wean from the Breast
Weaning from the Breast to a Cup
Weaning from a Bottle to a Cup
When Weaning Is a Problem
Parent Concerns
Overcoming Bottle Rejection in Breastfed Babies
Overcoming Bottle Rejection

Section :
Starting Solid Foods & First Year Feedings
Nutrition at a Glance: An Age Appropriate Guide
to Feeding Your Baby & Toddler
Sequence of Food Introduction
General Tips by Age Group
Parent Concerns
Things to Keep in Mind
Starting Solid Foods
Clues for Readiness
When & Why to Start
The Transition Period
Parent Concerns
Favorite First Solids and Order of Introduction
Food Refusal,Tastes & Flavors
Parent Concern
The Nutritional Staging System
Recommendations for Parents

Store Bought & Homemade Foods

Store Bought
Availability & Nutrient Content
Advantages & Disadvantages
Homemade Foods
Equipment & Food Safety
Preparing Baby Food
Storing & Freezing
Warming & Thawing Baby Foods
Serving Baby Foods
Advantages & Disadvantages
Homemade Baby Food: Do's & Don'ts
Parent Concerns
Spices,Flavors & Tastes
Taste Buds
Tastes at all Ages
Super Tasters
Spicy Foods & Breastfeeding
Flavors & Tastes: Suggestions
Parent Concerns

Feeding Your Baby with a Spoon

Reasons to Switch to a Spoon
When to Start & Age/Skill Development
Which Type of Spoon to Use
Administration of Food by Spoon
Spoon Refusal: Easing the Transition
Case Description
Cereals for Your Baby & Toddler
Types of Cereals
When & Which to Start
Cereal Preparation,Administration & Serving
Parental Concerns
Sample Menu (- Months)
Helpful Recipes
When to Start
Ages of Various Vegetable Introductions
Preparation of Vegetables
Vegetable Administration
Vegetable Refusal
Vegetables & Risks Associated with Some Vegetables
Case Description
Sample Menu
Store Bought & Homemade Vegetable Recipes


When to Start
Which to Start & How Much
Store Bought & Homemade Fruit Preparation
Fruit Refusal
Parent Concerns
Case Description
Sample Menu (- Months)
Helpful Homemade Recipes & Combination Ideas

Fruit Juices
Types of Juices
When & Which to Introduce
How to Introduce & How Much
Problems,Concerns & Benefits
Parent Concerns
Textured & Table Baby Foods
When to Start & Readiness for Textured Foods
How to Choose Textured Foods
Making the Transition
Difficulties Associated with Textured Foods
Parent Concerns
Homemade & Commercial Textured Foods
Sample Menu (- Months)
Meat & Alternatives: Legumes & Fish
Case Description
Parent Concerns
Sample Menus
Dairy Products for Infants & Toddlers
Types of Dairy Products
When to Start
Calcium & Dairy Products
Dairy Issues & Concerns
Parent Concerns
Sample Menu ( Year Old)
Finger Foods for Babies & Toddlers
When to Introduce & Signs of Readiness
How to Introduce
Finger Food Refusal
What to Avoid: Red Flags
Sample Menu (- Months)

Cup Use

Types of Cups
When to Start Cup Use
How to Ease the Transition
How to Offer the Cup: Gradually Mastering It
Cow's Milk
Weaning to Cow's Milk After Months
Intake Amount
Cow's Milk Refusal
Cow's Milk Allergy
Issues with Cow's Milk
AWord About…
Case Description
Cow's Milk & Constipation
Milk & Bone Health
Milk & Obesity
Cooking Milk Free
Parent Concerns
Availability,Safety & Preparation
Egg Refusal
Egg Allergy
Vaccines & Eggs
Case Description
Parent Concerns

Section :
Issues Related to Feeding & Nutrition
When to Burp
Identifying Signs of Readiness to Burp
How to Burp Your Baby
Helping Your Baby Swallow Less Air
Parent Concerns

Hiccups & Feeding

Causes for Hiccups
Who Hiccups?
Hiccups & Feeding
Duration of Hiccup Episodes
Dealing with Hiccups
Oral Thrush in the Breast & Bottle Fed Baby
Symptoms & Effects on Feeding
Predisposing Factors of Yeast Infection for Mothers
& Babies
Case Description
Parent Concerns
Nutrition & Diet: Important Factors in Oral Health
How Nutrition Affects Oral Health
How Diet Affects Oral Health
How Oral Health Affects Nutrition
More to Know About Dental Health
Parent Concerns
The Pacifier & Effects on Feeding & Nutrition
When to Start & Stop Pacifier Use
Pacifiers & Their Effects
Pacifier Safety
Parent Concerns
Gastroesophageal Reflux
Types of Reflux
Diagnosis of Reflux
Reflux & Other Conditions
Parent Concerns & Tips
Case Description

Stool Characteristics of Babies & Toddlers

in Health & Diseases
Age & Normal Stool
Factors Affecting Stool Consistency
Normal & Abnormal Stool Patterns
Stool Patterns,Parent Perceptions & Switching Formula
Case Descriptions
Parent Concerns
Causes of Constipation
Symptoms of Constipation
Parent Concerns
Crying & Fussing In Relation to Feeding & Nutrition
Suspecting a Cause
Measures to Control the Fussy Baby
Parent Concerns
Case Description
Section :
Food Allergy & Food Safety
Feeding & Food Allergy
Common Food Allergies
Adverse Reactions to Food
Allergy Symptoms
Case Description
Parent Concerns

Water,Fluids & Drinks

Thirst & Recognizing Thirst
Sources of Water
Types of Water
Other Beverages & Sweet Drinks
When to Introduce
How Much Fluid Your Child Needs
Developing Water Habits
Other Fluid Issues
Parent Concerns
Safe Feeding & Food Safety
Food Poisoning
Feeding & Safety Tips

Section :

Growth Characteristics & Assessment
Growth Charts & Assessment of Growth Patterns
Assessment of Growth,Growth Charts & Percentiles …
Normal Growth Patterns
Abnormal Growth Patterns
Parent Concerns
The Food Groups: Making Sense of Portion Size
& Activity Level
Food Guide Servings
My Pyramid
The Food Groups of the Pyramid
Activity Level & Calories
Making Sense of Portion Size (Instead of Servings)
Food Group Age Requirements: Servings & Portions
Parent Concerns
front_toc_nmbr_qxd // : PM Page XIX
Nutritional Assessment
How to Determine if Your Child is Growing Well
Parent Concerns
Failure to Thrive
Normal Growth Patterns
Causes of Poor Weight Gain
Indicators of Poor Weight Gain
Treatment of Poor Weight Gain
Parent Concerns
Practical Tips & Conclusions
Sample Menus for - Months
Infant Obesity: Prevention & Treatment
Prevention & Treatment
Comments & Conclusion
The Overweight & Obese Child
Causes & Risk Factors

Prevention & Treatment Measures

Section :
Specific Feeding & Nutrition Issues
Iron & Iron Deficiency
Types & Sources of Iron
How Much Iron is Required?
Risk Factors & Causes for Iron Deficiency
Diagnosis of Iron Deficiency
How to Prevent & Treat Iron Deficiency
Case Descriptions
Parent Concerns
Picky Eaters
Causes of Picky Eaters & Feeding Difficulties
How to Manage the Picky Eater &
Behavioral Feeding Problems
What Parents Need To Do
When To Be Concerned
Parent Concerns
Vitamins & Minerals
Types of Vitamins & Minerals
Who Is At Risk for Vitamin & Mineral Deficiency
Symptoms of Vitamin & Mineral Deficiency
How to Keep Nutritional Value in Foods
Providing Vitamin/Mineral Supplements:
Approach & Risks
Nutritional Screening & Assessments
Case Description
Parent Concerns & Tips
Vegetarian Babies & Toddlers
Types of Vegetarians & Nutrient Risk
Nutrients of Special Concern
Breastfeeding & the Vegetarian Mother
Timing of Food Introduction in Vegetarian Babies
How to Raise the Vegetarian Child
Meal Options
Parent Concerns
Toddlers: Principles in Feeding & Related Aspects
Growth Requirements
Well-Balanced Diet
Nutrition Specifics
Behavior & Feeding
Helpful Tips

About the Author

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The first years of a child's life are an amazing time of development and learned behavior,with new and exciting developmental milestones However,studies show that more than % of mothers have developmental concerns about their young child As such,the better educated the parents are about child development,then the earlier the problem is identified; the sooner the child receives early intervention; and the better the progress will be
With limited physical time,appropriate knowledge,and for other reasons,many health professionals do not have the ability to screen for developmental and behavior difficulties in their practice It is therefore crucial for parents to have a tool for developmental monitoring in order to identify warnings signs and red flags to early detect any possible problem Arm yourself with the developmental knowledge required of every parent and provide your child with the BEST START TO LIFE!

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This book begins with describing expected normal development from birth to six years of age in each domain of development (gross and fine motor,social emotional,cognitive,speech and language,vision and self help and adaptive skills) As a parent,it is important to be aware of developmental stages as your child grows to ensure that your child is growing following a normal developmental pattern
Parenting and discipline is often difficult for parents of young children As such,how to parent and discipline the young child is discussed along with how to enhance your child's behavior and development In addition,developmental screening and red flags/warning signs of developmental or behavioral abnormalities are stated with handy and practical questionnaires for each specific age
Moreover,the book includes about small chapters including questions and answers to daily parental concerns of child development and behaviors (eg temper tantrum,eye blinking,tip toes walking and much more) Recognition and descriptions of warning signs and symptoms for developmental disabilities are also included for autism,ADHD,speech and language delay,learning difficulties and developmental delay to early detect and improve child best outcome

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Table of Contents:

  • Introduction:
  • Section : Development in the first five years
  • A - Developmental Milestones for specific ages in the domains of physical development,social/emotional,cognitive,speech and language and self help and adaptive skills
  • B - Parenting and Discipline Aspects
  • C - How to enhance development
  • D - Developmental Screen and Red Flags
  • Section : Specific Development Milestones
  • When and How it Develops,
  • How to enhance it,and recognize problem


  • Head Control,
  • Sitting,Crawling,
  • Standing,Rolling Over,and Walking
  • Section : Developmental and Behavioral Issues and Concerns

This section includes behavioral/developmental concerns,how to deal with it,why it happens,what are warning signs and when to see a health professional It also includes answers to additional parent's practical and daily questions and concerns
Topics include:

  • Abnormal Head shape
  • Attachment to bottle
  • Baby Hair Loss
  • Biting
  • Breath Holding Spells
  • Boy Dressing  like  a girl
  • Climbing
  • Clinginess
  • Drooling
  • Eye blinking
  • Erections in babies
  • Fear of Doctors
  • Fear of the bath
  • Food Throwing
  • Handedness
  • Head Banging
  • Hitting
  • How to get your child to eat breakfast
  • Imaginary friend
  • Masturbation
  • Nail biting
  • Nightmares
  • Night terrors
  • Preference of one parent over another
  • Separation anxiety
  • Shyness
  • Sneezing/Snoring in the newborn
  • Social skills
  • Speaking two languages
  • Spoiling
  • Stranger anxiety
  • Swearing
  • Teeth grinding
  • Thumb sucking
  • Time out
  • Tiptoe walking
  • Toddler frequent fall
  • Toilet training
  • Transitional and security objects
  • Section : Recognition of Warning Signs and Symptoms of Developmental Disabilities

This section provides parents with early red flags or warning signs and symptoms that could be associated with a particular specific developmental disability such as:

  • Autism,
  • ADHD,
  • Learning Disabilities,
  • Speech and Language Delay,
  • Global Developmental Delay
  • Index
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  • -What are the advantages of breast feeding breast milk to a baby?
  • -How long to breast feed a baby?
  • -Breast feeding a toddler
  • -what are feeding cues-how to know my baby want to eat ?
  • -How to established a successful beginning to breast feeding,latching,positioning the baby  and nursing positions?
  • -What is proper and improper or poor latching?
  • -how to tell that the baby is latching and sucking efficiently?
  • -When to do breast compression?
  • -do I need to breast feed from one or two breasts at each feeding
  • -How long I need to breast feed each time?
  • -How to do finger feeding or cup feeding?
  • -Painful latching
  • -What to do for sore and cracked nipples?
  • -What to do for breast engorgement when breast feeding or when not breast feeding?
  • -Should I stop nursing when I have mastitis?
  • -How to improve the feeding process if I have flat and inverted nipple?
  • -Use of breast Shells and nipple Shields
  • -Is it normal to have breast milk leakage? How to deal with it at work?
  • -How to deal with overabundant or insufficient (low milk ) breast milk supply ?
  • -How I can increase my breast milk supply?
  • -How to know that my baby getting enough milk?
  • -What to do if my baby prefers one breast?
  • -What  are the causes and what to do with breast refusal?
  • -How to stop my baby from biting the breast?
  • -Tongue tie and effects on breast feeding
  • -Should I put my jaundiced baby close to the window for sun?
  • -Breast feeding and drugs effects on the baby
    • How does dieting affect breast feeding?
  • -Spices eating and breast feeding
  • -What to do if my breasts are leaking at work?
  • -When and how to express breast milk?
  • -Should I feed my baby at night?
  • -How to awaken a sleepy baby?


  • -When to use or not to use soy based formula ?
  • -What are the types of formula?
  • -When should formula be changed?
  • -Is there a formula that help for colic?
  • -Does iron in formula causes constipation?
  • -Which formula to use for milk allergy?
  • -Which bottle or nipple to choose for my baby?
  • -How to prepare powder formula?
  • -Ay advantages of ready to use formula?
  • -Can I switch from ready to feed to powder formula?
  • -Can I add cereal to my baby's bottle ?
  • -How much formula should I give to my baby?
  • -Should I warm the bottle before I give formula to my baby?
  • -How to warm the bottle if I am traveling?
  • -How to bottle feed ?
  • -What are the signals to stop feeding with the bottle?
  • -Can I breast and bottle feed my baby?
  • -Can I use the bottle to feed cereal ?
    • My baby cries every time he takes the bottle What to do?
  • -Is there any age for bottle feeding at night?
  • -When will my baby hold the bottle on her own?
  • -When bottle use should be discontinued?
  • -My baby gags when she bottle feeds What does this mean?
  • -How do I know ( clues ) that my baby is ready to feed ?
  • -Feeding by schedule or on demand When and why?
  • -What is the amount and frequency of feeding formula for my baby's age ?
  • -What to do with reversal day and night feeding?
  • -If I feed my baby on demand,then does that mean that I have to feed my baby every time she cries?


    • -Is it okay to combine breast and bottle feeding?
    • -When to introduce the bottle to a breast feeding infant ?
    • -Tips how to get your infant to bottle feed?
    • -Is there such a thing as nipple confusion?
    • -Can I mix breast milk and formula in the same bottle?
    • -What is weaning and when is the right time to wean?
      -How to wean from the breast?
    • -How to wean from breast feeding after& years of age?
    • -How to help the baby to wean?
    • -How to wean from the breast to a cup?
    • -How to wean from the bottle to a cup?
    • -Do I have to still give vitamin D now that I give formula?
    • -Should I stop breast feeding because I am pregnant?
    • -Should I start weaning because my infant has teeth?
    • -How to overcome bottle rejection in breastfed baby?


    • -What,when,how much and which solid food to start at what age?
    • -If I add seasonings when I prepare food for the family,is it ok to give to my young child to eat also?
    • -Should I wake up my newborn to feed if she sleeps more than - hours at night?
    • -Which solid foods should I introduce first?
    • -How do I know when to add pureed,finger,textured,and table foods to my child's meal?
    • -Can I add water to my child's diet in the first few months?
    • -Is there any difference between powder and ready to use formula?
    • -Are homemade foods better than jar food?
    • -Is it ok to feed yogurt and dairy products before the age of since milk is started at the age of year?
    • -Are organic products healthier than regular products for my infant?
    • -What are the clues for readiness of solid foods?
    • -When and why to start solid foods at or months of age for breast or bottle fed babies?
    • -When to start solid food in premature babies?
    • -Are there any risks to starting early solid foods?
    • -Are there any risks to starting solid foods later than months
      -How to start the first solid meal?
    • -What if my baby gags when I start soli foods? Can she choke?
    • -Can I use the bottle for the first solid feeding?
    • -How should I hold my baby during the first solid feeding?
    • -When should I offer solid foods-before or after the breast or the bottle?
    • -What are first favorite foods?
    • -Taste and flavors and baby refusing to eat?
    • -Are store bought and homemade food the same? Any advantages or disadvantages?
    • -How to puree homemade food?
    • -How to have the right texture : Thinning or thickening homemade foods?
    • -Do I have to warm store bought jar food?
      • What to look for when I buy commercial baby foods?
    • -What to do if I have trouble transitioning from commercial to homemade baby food?
    • -Can I use spices and flavors when preparing solid foods?
    • -Is it okay if I eat spices while I am breastfeeding?
    • -Is there a difference in tastes and flavors between homemade and commercial baby foods?
    • -When to start to use a spoon,what to use and how?
    • -What to do if the baby  refuses  the spoon?
    • -Can I use homemade or commercially prepared cereals?
    • -Which and when to start cereals?
    • -What to do if my baby refuses cereals?
    • -Why is rice cereal the one that is recommended to start first?
    • -Does cereal have an effect on my child's sleeping habits?
    • -My baby suffers from constipation after having eaten rice cereal What can I do?
    • How do I choose which cereal to give my child?
    • How much cereal is needed for my seven month old baby to get the iron requirements?
    • Should every baby start on cereal at months of age-does it matter whether or not she is breast/bottle feeding?
    • When do you recommend serving cereal-day or night?
    • Can I feed cereal by the bottle?
    • How do I get my toddler to eat cereals and can she eat adult cereals?
    • What is a sample menu for a - month old?
    • When should I introduce vegetables for my baby and with which do I start?
    • How can I prepare vegetables for my baby?
    • How can I puree the vegetables?
    • What should I do if my baby refuses vegetables?
    • Is there any health risks associated with any vegetables?
    • What are better-Fresh,frozen,or canned vegetables?
    • When should I introduce fruits for my baby and which and how much of it to start?
    • How do I prepare homemade fruit?
    • What should I do when my baby refuses fruits?
    • Why is serving a fresh fruit to my child better than fruit juice?
    • If I introduce fruit first to my baby,will he/she refuse vegetables?
    • Can I use store bought juice for my baby?
    • When and which juices should be introduced? How much?
    • How can I limit the amount of juice my child drinks?
    • What if my baby refuses juice? Do I have to dilute it?
    • What should I do if my baby has diarrhea/gas/stomach pain from fruit juice?
    • Can a rash occur in the anal area from juice?
    • Is commercial baby juice okay to use?
    • Why can I give my constipated  baby apple juice and not apple sauce
    • When should I start textured foods?
    • How should I choose textured foods?
    • How do I make the transition easy from soft to textured foods?
    • Do store-bought baby foods provide the same texture as homemade foods?
    • My baby prefers smooth textures of store bought baby foods What should I do?
    • How do I know when my baby is ready for table foods?
    • When should I start meat products and alternatives (such as legumes and fish)?
    • How do I prepare meats for my baby?
    • What should I do if my baby refuses meats?
    • How do I prepare legumes?
    • When should I start fish? How should I prepare it?
    • When can I introduce liver to my baby?
    • What are the recommendations of fish for my baby/
    • Which commercial yogurt should I buy?
    • When should I start dairy products?
    • Why is calcium needed and how much?
    • What are the non-dairy sources of calcium?
    • What to do if my child refuses dairy products?
    • If my child is lactose intolerant,can she have dairy products?
    • When can I introduce cheese into my child's diet?
    • When can I introduce yogurt into my child's diet/
    • My baby refuses cow's milk Is it okay to or enough to provide only other dairy products?
    • Why is it recommended to introduce dairy products at months of age and cow's milk at one year?
    • When and how to introduce finger foods?
    • What are the different types of finger foods and how do I serve it?
    • What should I do if my baby is not interested in finger foods?
    • When do I introduce the use of a cup and how do I ease the transition?
    • What do I do if my child refuses cow's milk?
    • Is there a relation between cow's milk allergies and eczema?
    • Can I use goat milk for my baby?
    • My toddler refuses to drink milk How can I replace her calcium needs?
    • What do I do if my child is taking excessive amounts of milk every day?
    • Is soy milk better than cow's milk?
    • My child doesn't like milk-is it appropriate to give formula?
    • Are there any reasons cow milk should be used before the age of one year?
    • My child enjoys formula instead of cow milk Can I still feed her formula after the age of one year?
    • When should I introduce eggs? How do I initially prepare it?
    • What to do if my child refuses eggs?
    • My child is allergic to egg whites Can she still have egg yolk?
    • If my child is allergic to eggs,what can I replace this ingredient with when baking?
    • If my child is allergic to eggs,can she have chicken?


    • What should I do if my baby won't burp?
    • How do I properly burp my baby?
    • My baby spits up when he burps,should this be a cause for concern?
    • Do I need to burp my baby at night?
    • What should I do when my baby has hiccups?
    • Is thrush dangerous or a serious cause of feeding problems for my baby?
    • I have a nipple thrush; can I give my baby expressed breast milk?
    • How to prevent tooth decay?
    • Teething and breastfeeding
    • Is it recommended to use the pacifier for my baby or not?
    • Is a pacifier associated with any problems I should be concerned with?
    • I would like to give my baby a pacifier but he doesn't want it What should I do?
    • My baby gags after sucking his thumb Is this normal?
    • What is gastro esophageal reflux? How do I differentiate between spitting up and vomiting?
    • When should I be concerned if my baby has gastro esophageal reflux?
    • What should I do if my baby has simple gastro esophageal reflux?
    • Can reflux be associated with baby colic?
    • My baby is breastfed,what can I do to minimize reflux?
    • Will changing my baby's formula help with the reflux?
    • What are the different stool colors and what does each signify?
    • My one month old breast fed baby passes a stool each time he is fed,is this normal?
    • Can occasional and short episodes of green stool occur?
    • Some baby fuss and push before they have a bowel movement,is this normal?
    • What are the reasons for my baby's constipation and how do I deal with it?
    • Are there certain formulas which cause hard stool and constipation?
    • Does iron-fortified formula cause constipation?
    • I started my child on solid foods and now he has constipation/hard stool?
    • My child has diarrhea and has now developed constipation Is this normal?
    • How do I know if my baby is allergic to milk if he has no other symptoms other than crying?
    • How should I behave when my baby cries?



    • What are the common foods that cause allergy?
    • What are allergy symptoms?
    • How are allergy symptoms treated?
    • Is there any ideal age for introducing peanut butter for the first time?
    • Is there a link between allergy and hyper activity?
    • Can nasal congestion be a sign of allergy?
    • Can stomach pain be associated with allergy?
    • Should I use hypo allergenic formula if there is a strong family history of allergy?
    • Can a baby be allergic to breast milk?
    • How long does it take for the food ingested to get to my breast milk?
    • My child has a rash around the mouth when he came in contact with citrus fruits,is this an allergic reaction?
    • What are the sources of water?
    • How much fluid does my child need on a daily basis?
    • What type of water should I offer my baby when travelling to a country with less sanitary conditions?
    • How do I know when my infant/toddler is thirsty and when she is getting enough fluids?
    • My baby is healthy and breastfed Does she need extra water?
    • What are common foods that can cause choking?
    • How do I prevent choking?
    • What are some microwave safety?


    • What are a child's normal growth pattern?  How do I asses it?
    • What does my child's growth monitoring tell me about his nutrition?
    • My child is not gaining weight and does not care to eat so much What can cause this decrease in appetite?
    • What are indicators of healthy growth?
    • My baby/child is not gaining weight How often should I visit the doctor?
    • How often should my child be weighed and measured?
    • What are portion size and food groups?
    • What are food group age requirements with recommended serving and portion?
    • Does each meal have to contain all food groups?
    • How much does my toddler need to eat per day?
    • How do I know if my child is growing properly?
    • What are the causes of poor weight gain that are associated with breastfeeding?
    • My four and half months old baby is breastfeeding and he seems hungry all the time Why isn't he gaining weight? Should I start him on solid foods or formula?
    • How can I prevent baby obesity?
    • What can cause infant obesity?
    • How do I prevent child obesity?


    • What can iron deficiency cause?
    • How much iron does my child require?
    • How do I know that my child is iron deficient if he already has pale skin type?
    • Can my baby get enough iron if my baby eats home cereal?
    • My baby is taking supplemental iron and I noticed she has staining on her teeth Is this due to iron and what can be done?
    • Does iron affect my baby's stool color?
    • What do I do with my picky eater toddler?
    • What do I do if my picky eater refuses vegetables or meat and alternatives or fruits or eggs?
    • When should I be concerned about my picky eater toddler?
    • My child is a picky eater,is there something wrong?
    • My child is eating junk/bad food and I am concerned about her diet How can I tell if my child is getting enough to eat since she is a picky eater?
    • My child doesn't want to eat much as dinner,should I be concerned?
    • Should I force my child who is a picky eater to finish her meal?
    • My child is a good eater,does she need vitamin or minerals?
    • Should I give large doses of vitamin C to prevent my child from getting a cold or infection?
    • Can vitamins and minerals improve my child's appetite?
    • My year old daughter has whitening of nail parts,does she need vitamins?
    • How to raise the vegetarian child?
    • Breastfeeding and the vegetarian mother


    The following are some of the questions answered in the second book - Development & Behavior:

    * What are the domains of development and developmental milestones (physical,social-emotional,cognitive,speech and language,and self help and adaptive skills)?
    * Developmental milestones:  What should I expect from my baby and infant to do in each month in the first year developmentally?
    * What my year,months,years,years, years,years and years old child should be able to do?
    * Enhancing development: How to enhance the development of my baby at each month of the first year?
    * What are red flags or warning signs of abnormal development for my baby or child (for a specific age)?
    * Head control When and how baby head controls develop?
    * Head control How to encourage head lifting?
    * Head control Any effect of swings,bouncers,jumpers and head control?
    * Sitting When and how sitting develop?
    * Crawling When and how crawling develop?
    * Crawling What are crawling styles and when to be concerned?
    * Rolling over What age to expect baby rolling over to develop and how to enhance it?
    * Standing When it develops and how to enhance it?
    * Walking When walking develop and how to enhance it?
    * Walking How to help your child walking sooner?
    * Delay walking -when to be concerned?
    * Time out When to use time out for negative behavior   and what to do if it does not work (refusal and resistance)?
    * Stuttering and normal dysfluency When to seek help?
    * Stuttering How I can help my stutterer child?
    * Biting How to prevent my child from biting others?
    * Biting What to do with child biting in the day care?
    * Separation anxiety How to deal with separation from my baby?
    * Separation anxiety How to deal with separation and anxiety of my child when left in the day care?
    * Separation anxiety When separation anxiety is abnormal?
    * Eye blinking My child has eye blinking Is it tics and or do I have to check vision?
    * Eye blinking When and why eye blinking occurs?
    * Eye blinking How shall I behave when my child has eye blinking?
    * What cause low muscle tone (hypotonia) and how it is manifested in a child?
    * My baby drooling and chewing on his hands Does it mean he is teething?
    * Hair loss My baby is losing hair (bald) Is it normal?
    * Second language Is it good for a child to speak more than one language? When to start?
    * Head banging What can I do to stop my child head banging? Can it damage his head?
    * Thumb sucking What to do to prevent it from becoming a habit for long time?
    * Toddler love to be naked My child love to be naked and run around several times Is it normal?
    * Baby touching the genitals My baby cannot keep his hands off his genitals especially when his diaper is removed Is it normal?
    * Masturbation My year old keep his hand all the time in the genital area seems to play with it Is he masturbating? Shall stop him from masturbating ?
    * Food throwing How to stop food throwing of my child while eating?
    * Grinding teeth My child is grinding his teeth Does he have parasites?
    * Grinding teeth What are the effects and what to do?
    * Erections in baby Is it normal? Does it hurt?
    * Breath holding spells Every time my child cries and get upset,he hold his breath and turn blue Can he stop breathing?
    * Breath holding spells How to deal with these episodes?
    * Spoiling baby and toddler Are we spoiling our baby by always picking him up when he cries?
    * Preference of one parent over the other What are the reasons and what to do when a toddler prefers one parent over the other?
    * Swearing How to deal with swearing in young children
    * Clinginess Why and what to do about it?
    * Fear of the bath Why and what to do for my toddler fear of the bath?
    * Climbing How to make my toddler to stop climbing all the times?
    * Nail biting How to discourage nail biting in my young child?
    * Tip toes walking When it is normal and when it is of a concern?
    * What is habitual toe walking?
    * Is Tip toe walking a sign of cerebral palsy?
    * Transitional/security objects Why your toddler “s favorite toy or object means so much to him?
    * Attachment to the bottle My toddler is taking the bottle anywhere he goes He cannot get it away even for a minute How do I wean him from the bottle?
    * Eating breakfast How I can get my son to eat breakfast Should I insist he eats breakfast?
    * Hand fisting When it should disappear? What it signifies if it persists?
    * Neurologic or muscular disease What are the manifestations / signs of a neurologic or muscular disease?
    * Eyes rolling My month old baby rolls his eyes back when sleeping and when he is awake Shall I see the doctor ?
    * Boy dressing up like a girl How to respond to my toddler who wants to dress up like a girl all the time?
    * Toilet training How do I know my child is ready?
    * Toilet training When to start and how to help the child to get ready?
    * Toilet training What to do with refusal to toilet train?
    * Toddler fear of doctors How to help reduce anxiety and cry?
    * Social skills My child is not playing with other children in a playgroup How to help him to be more sociable?
    * Nightmares and night terrors How to help my child when he wake up with nightmares and night terrors?
    * Shyness How to help my little one feel more comfortable?
    * Handedness When it develops? Is left handedness genetic and associated with specific intellect?
    * Imaginary friends What are? Why children have imaginary friends
    * What are the signs and symptoms and warning signs to early recognize speech and language delay?
    * What are the signs and symptoms and warning signs to early recognize autism?
    * What are the signs and symptoms and warning signs to early recognize Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?
    * What are the signs and symptoms and warning signs to early recognize Developmental Delay?
    * What are the signs and symptoms and warning signs to early recognize learning disabilities?


    These books are written by an eminent pediatrician with multiple credentials and years of medical experience,listening to daily parental problems and concerns Did you know that inappropriate feeding and nutrition in early life can have an impact on your child's future health and habits?

    Would you not like to provide your baby and child with the best start to life and the best present,since the early years are the most important stage of establishment of nerve connection and brain differentiation? Do not miss this window of opportunity - otherwise it slams shut!

    Would you not like to ease your parental concern over a multitude of issues related to feeding,nutrition and development of your baby and child? These books offer the best feeding and developmental secrets to success and enhancing your child in all aspects!

    Would you not like to have all your answers in one book that is offered in a simple,screened and easy to read format with an age by age guide to feeding your baby and young child? No more spending hours pouring over books,websites,magazines or articles to determine whether your child's behavior or development is normal Did you know that more than % of parents have developmental/behavioral concerns and that to % of all children have developmental disabilities? The availability of having warning signs and red flags will help identify if your child is at risk for behavioral and developmental difficulties The better educated the parents are,the earlier a problem can be identified,the better your child's progress and outcome will be Remember that the first six years of life has the greatest impact on your child's future The absolute greatest and best gift to offer your child the best start to life in effectively raising your child!

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    • Dr Maurice Levy is a Pediatrician with years of day-to-day medical experience in hospitals and a pediatric primary care office
    • Former Chief of Pediatrics (-) and an active staff member at North York  Branson Hospital,Toronto including multiple responsibilities on hospitalized newborns,infants and children and dealing with staff pediatricians along with a multitude of health problems to include nutrition,development and more
    • Head of Research at the Pediatric department (present) at North York General Hospital,Toronto
    • Primary Care consultation practice (present) and active staff member at the Hospital with extensive practice dealing with children from birth to years
    • Diploma in Clinical Pharmacology: Practice & training at The Hospital for Sick Children,Toronto (-)
    • Pediatric Nephrology: Practice & training at The Hospital for Sick Children,Toronto (-)
    • Research (-): At St Justine Hospital and at the University of Montreal
    • Other Professional activities,Training and Awards include:
    • Dr Levy trained and worked in various hospitals around the globe including Belgium ( -),France (-),and Israel (-)
    • Medical degree obtained from the University of Tel-Aviv,Israel
    • Training in Pediatrics in the Hospital For Sick Children,and at Edith Wolfson Hospital,Houlon ,Israel (- )
    • Teaching students and health professionals since ,in hospitals & private practice,a “teacher to teachers”  
    • Member of various committees and boards (medical advisory,research etc)
    • Publications in various medical & research journals and magazines aimed for parents,answering questions and concerns of babies and children

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